Un témoignage intime de l'effet Johnny Weir sur le public

"I may never be the same again
Mom: Did your pretty boy win today?
Me: No, and no homophobic comments from you!
Mom: I'm not homophobic all I said last time was that he thought he was pretty.
(And then THIS came out of my mouth)
Me: He is pretty, and I would have his gay babies. *facepalm*
Mom: He'd give it to you in the fanny...

And the convo got worse from there. My mother would not let it go and things I never wanted to hear come out of my mother's mouth were said. I'm traumatized. Never to be the same again. My mother talking about anal sex, and how boys like to do that even when they aren't gay, and how some girls think they are still virgins after that. I had to cut her off and pretend I had work to do. How did a conversation about Johnny Weir and figure skating go so wrong?


"I would have his gay babies." C'est très beau.
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Waidy a dit…

Impressionnant ce petit jeune ! Surtout le fait de revendiquer son homosexualité comme il le fait et qui plus est aux Etats-Unis.

Chic Freak a dit…

Oui, c'est vraiment étonnant. Un leçon de courage, je crois, il faut le reconnaitre. Je suis content que tu ressentes la même chose que moi (et que pas mal de gens, puisque beaucoup d'internaute tombe sur Chic Freak en cherchant Johnny Weir sur google). Fred a rien compris à sa force.